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Hem > Produkter > Maker / DIY, Educational > 3D-utskriftstillbehör

3D-utskriftstillbehör108 Produkter Found


Adafruit Industries LLC

Adafruit Industries LLC
Adafruit Industries LLC- Adafruit is a fast growing global leader in educational electronics platforms, prototyping and development tools, operating out of a manufacturing facility in the heart of NYC. It was founded by Limor "Ladyada" Fried in 2005 and specializes in the design and fabrication of original electronic learning platforms, which Limor personally selects, tests and approves before releasing. Adafruit is in the vanguard of Open Source Hardware, striving to educate makers of all ages in the field of electronics and programming.
Founded by MIT engineer, Limor "Ladyada" Fried's goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. Adafruit has grown to over 50 employees in the heart of NYC with a 15,000+ sq ft. factory. Adafruit has expanded offerings to include tools, equipment and electronics that Limor personally selects, tests and approves before going in to the Adafruit store. Limor was the first female engineer on the cover of WIRED magazine and was recently awarded Entrepreneur magazine's Entrepreneur of the year. In 2014 Adafruit was ranked #11 in the top 20 USA manufacturing companies and #1 in New York City by Inc. 5000 "fastest growing private companies".
2128 Image
ABS30BR1 Image
ABS17WH1 Image
FIT0292-GD Image
  • Del#:FIT0292-GD
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:1.75MM PLA (1KG) - GOLD
  • I lager:2071
  • Del#:FIT0360
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • I lager:645
PLA30GO1 Image
ABS30GD1 Image
2338 Image
ABS30YE1 Image
ABS17GR1 Image
FIT0292-NR Image
  • Del#:FIT0292-NR
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:1.75MM PLA (1KG) - NEON RED
  • I lager:1725
FIT0292-BE Image
  • Del#:FIT0292-BE
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:1.75MM (0.07") PLA (1KG) - BLUE
  • I lager:1729
FIT0436 Image
  • Del#:FIT0436
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • I lager:7805
ABS17NA1 Image
2475 Image
ABS17GD1 Image
ABS30BK1 Image
2445 Image
  • Del#:FIT0243
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:PFA TUBE (1M)
  • I lager:11000
2564 Image
PLA30YE1 Image
2444 Image
ABS17GO1 Image
  • Del#:FIT0409
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:1.75MM PLA (750G) - WHITE
  • I lager:3323
2443 Image
PLA30PI1 Image
FIT0292-PK Image
  • Del#:FIT0292-PK
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:1.75MM PLA (1KG) - PINK
  • I lager:1689
ABS17PU1 Image
2382 Image
PLA17GO1 Image
PLA30PU1 Image
FIT0282 Image
  • Del#:FIT0282
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:3D PRINTER HEATER 19V38W
  • I lager:7276
ABS30PU1 Image
ABS17RE1 Image
FIT0292-NL Image
  • Del#:FIT0292-NL
  • tillverkare:DFRobot
  • Beskrivning:1.75MM PLA (1KG) - NATURAL COLOR
  • I lager:1624
2655 Image
PLA17PU1 Image
2446 Image
PLA17YE1 Image
ABS30WH1 Image
ABS17BK1 Image
PLA17GD1 Image

3D-utskriftstillbehör108 Produkter Found