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Hem > Produkter > Integrerade kretsar (ICs) > Gränssnitt - drivrutiner, mottagare, transceivers

Gränssnitt - drivrutiner, mottagare, transceivers13673 Produkter Found


Maxim Integrated

Beskrivning:IC RS485/422 TRANS QUAD 16TSSOP
Maxim Integrated
Maxim Integrated- The market is evolving. The rules are changing. To keep your time to market short, you need integration at every level—from silicon to the supply chain.
Count on Maxim Integrated to help you overcome design and architectural challenges, with integrated solutions for the industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, energy, computing, and communications realms.
Maxim Integrated is also your source for power, interface, and even digital products that work in the analog world. And they’re glad to support you with reference designs, tools, technical documents, packaging, and more. We invite you to explore their latest analog integration offerings.
MAX3044EUE+T Image
MC33895FC Image
LTC1349IG#PBF Image
MAX233EPP Image
TLK4250IGPV Image
  • Del#:TLK4250IGPV
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC TXRX QUAD 1-2.5GBPS 289-BGA
  • I lager:3226
TJA1048T,112 Image
MAX3041CSE+T Image
SN65HVD31D Image
  • Del#:SN65HVD31D
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC RS485 DVR/RCVR 3.3V 8-SOIC
  • I lager:12323
NCN2500MNR2G Image
ISL32492EIBZ-T Image
MAX3238IDBRG4 Image
  • Del#:MAX3238IDBRG4
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC DVR/RCVR RS232 MULTCH 28SSOP
  • I lager:51941
MAX3043ESE+ Image
SN65LBC179QDRG4 Image
  • Del#:SN65LBC179QDRG4
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • I lager:24714
HIN232ACPZ Image
  • Del#:HIN232ACPZ
  • tillverkare:Intersil
  • Beskrivning:IC TXRX RS-232 5V HS 16DIP
  • I lager:47843
TJA1029T,118 Image
EL1537IRE-T13 Image
MAX13182EESD+ Image
TLK1221RHARG4 Image
  • Del#:TLK1221RHARG4
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC ETHERNET TXRX 40VQFN
  • I lager:16988
TJA1020T/CM,118 Image
FIN1032MX Image
ISL32495EIBZ-T7A Image
MAX211EWI Image
ICL3243ECA Image
  • Del#:ICL3243ECA
  • tillverkare:Intersil
  • Beskrivning:IC TXRX RS-232 3-5.5V ESD 28SSOP
  • I lager:4366
SY87725LHY Image
TJA1040T/H/V,118 Image
SN65LVDS391PWRG4 Image
  • Del#:SN65LVDS391PWRG4
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC DIFF LINE DRIVER H-S 16-TSSOP
  • I lager:46688
ST232ABDR Image
TJA1055T,512 Image
DS481TM/NOPB Image
  • Del#:DS481TM/NOPB
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC TXRX RS422/485 2MBPS 8SOIC
  • I lager:27752
TB5R3LDW Image
  • Del#:TB5R3LDW
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC QUAD DIFF PECL RCVR 16-SOIC
  • I lager:4224
MAX489CSD+T Image
TJA1085HN,118 Image
SN65LVDT34DR Image
  • Del#:SN65LVDT34DR
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC DIFF RECEIVER H-S 8-SOIC
  • I lager:61757
MAX3185EWP Image
MAX14940GWE+T Image
MAX3222IDBG4 Image
  • Del#:MAX3222IDBG4
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC DRVR/RCVR MULTCH RS232 20SSOP
  • I lager:32849
ADM489ANZ Image
DS1488N Image
  • Del#:DS1488N
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC INVERTER QUAD 1-INPUT 14DIP
  • I lager:3895
ISL32614EMHZ-T Image
TB5R3DW Image
  • Del#:TB5R3DW
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • I lager:2763
SN65HVD1476DR Image
  • Del#:SN65HVD1476DR
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC TXRX RS485 FULL DUPLEX 14SOIC
  • I lager:8489
ICL3223CAZ Image
  • Del#:ICL3223CAZ
  • tillverkare:Intersil
  • Beskrivning:IC 2DRVR/2RCVR RS232 3V 20-SSOP
  • I lager:81458
SN65MLVD201DG4 Image
  • Del#:SN65MLVD201DG4
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC M-LVDS LINE DVR/RCVR 8-SOIC
  • I lager:25279
ICL3243CBZ-T Image
ICL3232ECV-16T Image
HIN202ECBN Image
  • Del#:HIN202ECBN
  • tillverkare:Intersil
  • Beskrivning:IC TXRX RS-232 5V ESD 16-SOIC
  • I lager:2
ICL3238EIVZ Image
  • Del#:ICL3238EIVZ
  • tillverkare:Intersil
  • Beskrivning:IC 5DRVR/3RCVR RS232 3V 28-TSSOP
  • I lager:53314
TRSF3243IPWR Image
  • Del#:TRSF3243IPWR
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC DVR/RCVR RS232 ESD 28TSSOP
  • I lager:22772
SN65LBC175N Image
  • Del#:SN65LBC175N
  • tillverkare:N/A
  • Beskrivning:IC DIFF LINE RCVR QUAD LP 16-DIP
  • I lager:18170
TLE7269GXUMA1 Image

Gränssnitt - drivrutiner, mottagare, transceivers13673 Produkter Found