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마그네틱 센서-나침반, 마그네틱 필드 (모듈)24 제품 찾기


Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors

Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors
Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors- Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision Sensors is a leading supplier of specialized integrated circuits for aerospace and military markets, and a manufacturer of sensors and electronics for a variety of commercial applications.
Honeywell's magnetoresistive (MR) sensors are the most sensitive, low field, solid state magnetic sensors available to measure direction and magnitude of magnetic fields from 70 mG (7 nT) to 6 G (0.6 mT). Honeywell's magnetoresistor sensors can determine the change in earth's magnetic field due to the presence of a ferromagnetic object or position within the earth's magnetic field. The high bandwidth allows detection of vehicles and other ferrous objects at high speeds. The sensors are contactless and the working distance is dependent on the ferromagnetic mass it is measuring.
HMR2300-D20-485 Image
HMR3000-D21-485 Image
HMR2300-D00-485 Image
29123 Image
HMR3000-D21-232 Image
HMR3400 Image
HMC6343 Image
HMR3300 Image
HMR3601 Image
HMR3000-D00-485 Image
HMC2003 Image
HMR3300-D00-232 Image
HMR2300-D21-232 Image
HMR3500 Image
HMR3000-D00-232 Image
DRM4000-N00-232 Image
HMR2300-D00-232 Image
HMR3200 Image
DRM4000L-N00-232 Image
HMR2300-D21-485 Image
HMR2300-D20-232 Image
HMR3100 Image

마그네틱 센서-나침반, 마그네틱 필드 (모듈)24 제품 찾기