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TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection

TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection
TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection- TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, manufactures an extensive selection of Raychem quality products that hold, seal, protect, connect, and insulate. Whatever your design challenge, take advantage of the TE Connectivity experience to help you find the right solution. TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection has led the way in creating and supplying high quality, technologically advanced products for use in a broad range of industrial and commercial applications.
H2F2.75BK25 Image
FITFAB-3 BK007 Image
HFT5000-40/20-0-SP Image
H2F1.18BK25 Image
FITFAB-2 BK007 Image
HFT5000-20/10-0-SP Image
FITFAB-10 BK008 Image
FITFAB-5 BK005 Image
FITFAB-4 BK004 Image
HFT5000-80/40-0-SP Image
HFT5000-12/6-0-SP Image
FITFAB-8 BK004 Image
H2F1.38BK25 Image
H2F0.48BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F0.48BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 12MM 100'
  • 재고:319
H2F1.58BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F1.58BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 40MM 100'
  • 재고:158
H2F0.79BK Image
  • 부품#:H2F0.79BK
  • 제조사:Techflex
  • 기술:2:1 FAB HEATSHRINK BLK 20MM 100'
  • 재고:266
H2F0.79BK25 Image
H2F1.58BK25 Image
H2F1.97BK25 Image
HFT5000-70/35-0-SP Image
FITFAB-4 BK007 Image
HFT5000-30/15-0-SP Image
FITFAB-5 BK008 Image
H2F0.98BK25 Image
FITFAB-10 BK005 Image
HFT5000-25/12-0-SP Image
FITFAB-3 BK004 Image
HFT5000-50/25-0-SP Image

열 수축 직물86 제품 찾기