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Zuhause > Produkte > RF / IF und RFID > RF Power Divider / Splitter

RF Power Divider / Splitter289 Produkte gefunden



Anaren- Founded in 1967 by Hugh A. Hair and Carl W. Gerst Jr. as a supplier of microwave components and subassemblies to the defense electronics market, today's Anaren is a major innovator of standard products and custom microwave and RF technology. With five facilities worldwide, our company is organized into two operating groups, each one targeting a major industry sector: Space & Defense Group, Wireless Group.
Our products are the result of innovative engineering, design, materials processing, and world-class volume manufacturing -- and have in common our core competency in high-frequency electronics. Anaren's custom products are sold directly to OEMs, whereas our standard components are sold/serviced through our worldwide network of technical field-sales representatives and quality stocking distributors.
  • Teil#:40276
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 4WAY 2GHZ-4GHZ
  • Auf Lager:108
ADA4302-4ACPZ-R2 Image
PD1722J5050D2HF Image
MAPD-011018 Image
MC44BC380EF Image
MC44BC380EFR2 Image
MAPDCT0028 Image
  • Teil#:41130
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 2WAY 2GHZ-18GHZ
  • Auf Lager:82
  • Teil#:40267
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 2WAY 4GHZ-8GHZ
  • Auf Lager:121
EHF-FD1495 Image
  • Teil#:40260
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 2WAY 225-400MHZ
  • Auf Lager:3589
CX4005NLT Image
  • Teil#:4E0265
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 2WAY 1.5GHZ-3GHZ
  • Auf Lager:156
MAPD-011007 Image
PD4W09-59LF Image
PD6080J5050S2HF Image
  • Teil#:41730
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 8WAY 2-18GHZ
  • Auf Lager:37
ADA4304-2ACPZ-R7 Image
MAAM-008820-TR1000 Image
MAPD-009492-C2W180 Image
PD0922J5050S2HF Image
  • Teil#:44000
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 4WAY 500MHZ-2GHZ
  • Auf Lager:93
  • Teil#:4J0265
  • Hersteller:Anaren
  • Beschreibung:POWER DIVIDER 2WAY 1GHZ-2GHZ
  • Auf Lager:165

RF Power Divider / Splitter289 Produkte gefunden